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Walls rising, still the shed goes on

We had to make a portico too, it’s a temporary structure, because the final plan is to make it with bricks instead of wood, but if we didn’t make it now we’d lose the permission to build it at all, so the shed has been delayed a bit. Anyway, we’ve finished the portico’s structure, now …

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I’ve been busy, building a shed!

Lately I haven’t had much time to work on my stuff, because we’re building a shed where we plan to move all the tools we have in the attic, that get all the space and make it difficult to work well. The shed is 4,5×4,5m in size, so being that big we’ve tried to find …

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Wooden whale

A couple years ago I decided to carve a sperm whale from wood I had lying around. I attached the jaw with a brass hinge because I wanted it to look like an old toy, but I wanted to give it some life, so I casted two half spheres in clear resin, and painted the …

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Crucible tongs, for lifting ~ Easy and cheap

Furnaces are usually tall, hollow cylinders, and mine doesn’t make an exception. This means that the last pair of tongs that we made, designed for pouring, won’t be able to take the crucible out of the furnace, for that, we’ll need specifically designed tongs. These new tongs will share most of their crafting process with …

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