Style experiments

After the experience with 3D animation for Spacesheep, I decided to make a few tests with 2D animation, so I made a short series of animations where I experimented every day a different subject, with a different style I had never tried out before.

This meant very short animations, since I had in one day to find a subject, find a new style, study the style to try replicate it, think about the animation, and do it from start to finish. I’m also not very fast at drawing, since I don’t do it often, so I’m sure someone more trained could have made longer animations in the same time. But I’m pretty happy with the results, I think they look quite interesting!

The “Googly conch” is meant to experiment with mixed photography and drawn animation, it’s inspired by the graphic style of the game Samorost from Amanita Design:

The “Traffic eye” is meant to experiment with cutout animation with premade textured/painterly parts:

The “Ghibli insect”, as the name suggests, is meant to try replicate the wonderful aesthetics of Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece Nausicaa, with its amazing giant mutated insects:

The “Country rat” is an experiment to try replicating the rubbery style of cartoons from the 20s, and just for fun, I used an old character of mine, that I developed when I was a kid as a comedic caricature of Mickey Mouse, skinnier and with a long nose, and a really bad character:

The “Chalky tree” was meant to emulate a chalk drawing on a wall, and so I decided to use a very contrasting theme with the classic urban location of such art pieces:

“Bonnie” was both meant to emulate Adventure Time’s style, as it is pretty obvious by the recognizable character, and to experiment with flowing movements, in this case, the hair moved by the wind:

I also wanted to try making a more complex animation, but I had the problem of making it in a very short time, so I decided to make the “Doodle burster” to be able to try this, while still being able to draw it fast:

Last, I tried to use Blender’s 3D tools to create a 2D puppet, using Freestyle to get the lines, and Shapekeys with Drivers to control the rotation and change of an otherwise flat face, rotation of the foot, and even create automated wrinkles at the elbows when the arms are bent. You will probably recognize that the character is Ash from the Evil Dead, but in Rick&Morty style:

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