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The Norwegian Pram

Some months ago my friend Capestranus told me he’d have liked to build a boat, but that it was obviously too difficult. Some time earlier than that I had become interested in boatbuilding as a craft I had never tried, and so had passed quite some time studying it, and so I knew that while …

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Spacesheep ~ The beginning

It all started as a commission for a cartoon series where astronomy was explained with sheeps. No further details, stylistic choices nor anything else was given. So, I had to make everything from scratch, and I started by finding a style for the sheeps! After sketching them, and drawing final models in a vector graphics …

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The shed is finally complete!

We finally finshed the shed, the tools have been moved in too and there is electricity! The front doors slide to the sides, leaving a two meters wide entrance to easily move large stuff. In the end we decided to leave the natural color, so we may give it a second coat of paint, but …

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The Epic Weapons series ~ Art Nouveau Knife

I’ve had recently the sudden idea that I could make my knife’s design as a 3D model, preparing the model specifically for 3D printing. This looks like a random idea, but it really comes from the passion for swords and knives, that left me in the past often unsatisfied from the little number of designs …

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Doors, doors everywhere

We finally added the small door on the side, and I finished today the doors high on the facade, they lack only the latches. Most of the tar sheets are in place too, and tomorrow the roof will be finished for sure. Tomorrow I’ll finish the back wall, the glass pane for the window is …

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We have windows!

We have finished the walls on the sides, and the roof too is completely closed, now it needs to be covered. We’ve done most of the front and back walls too, but those have the top triangles that means we’ll have to shape very precisely a lot of purlins. Meanwhile I took the best purlins …

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