Late updates are better than no updates… I’ve been busy

So, it’s been a long while.

But I haven’t been just sitting on my butt doing nothing, I’ve been sitting on my butt working a lot!

First of all, let’s go in order: Spacesheep got cancelled, because the views were underwhelming and the client hoped for a more instant success, so you won’t see any other episodes from that.

Hellsand hit a wall, and the wall is called time. Capestranus didn’t have enough spare time and energy out of work to do the modeling. For people that doesn’t know much about 3D modeling, it takes a real lot of time. I couldn’t just pause my life and wait till he had more time, so the project is frozen on my side, he still works on it, but when he has time, that is not often. One day he’ll have enough models to be justified continuing the coding work for in on my side, he does already have a decent framework to test models since I worked on it fulltime for some months.

We had to take a break from the boat for the low winter temperatures, because resin needs decent warmth to be used. Then, as temperatures started to rise, quarantine hit!

I started a new project about six months ago, a game done as a solo developer, I have various reasons to work as a loner on such an ambitious project, and considered that the plague started around the time when I began developmen, it was a lucky shot to be working alone!

I will post about things made since the beginning of the year in the next days, should’ve posted when I did them, but eh, I’ve been busy and not really thinking much about the site. My bad!

By the way, the featured image is fanart I made for an Adventure Time contest!

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