Walls rising, still the shed goes on

We had to make a portico too, it’s a temporary structure, because the final plan is to make it with bricks instead of wood, but if we didn’t make it now we’d lose the permission to build it at all, so the shed has been delayed a bit.

Anyway, we’ve finished the portico’s structure, now we need to put the outer layer of the roof, and we’ve gone on with the shed a bit too, most of the roof’s purlins are already placed, apart where it would make more difficult to build the walls, and we built most of 2 walls already, the next thing will be to prepare the supports for the windows, so we can attach all the purlins around and finish the walls.

We’ve found a pretty fancy door and double-glass window panes that had been dumped. We’ll use the panes for the windows, but the door is a bit *too* fancy for the shed, it would be impossible to make everything look in style with it, so we won’t use it.

Yeah I know, the border of the sidewalk doesn’t look good, but we’re gonna enlarge and finish it later on, after the shed is finished, since the sooner we finish it the better.
That really is a fancy door, you cannot see it but it’s even made from wave-pattern wood!

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