Crucible tongs, for lifting ~ Easy and cheap

Furnaces are usually tall, hollow cylinders, and mine doesn’t make an exception. This means that the last pair of tongs that we made, designed for pouring, won’t be able to take the crucible out of the furnace, for that, we’ll need specifically designed tongs. These new tongs will share most of their crafting process with the others, so, since anyway you won’t need these without those, I’ll make a short explanation this time, you just have to check the other instructions for the details.

Start with the same claws as the other tongs, but this time, both the claws are the same.

Now make a 90° bend right after the claw, so that the rod is vertical when the claw lays flat. Don’t do it in the wrist of the claw, it will be more difficult and will tend to weaken the metal that have already been bent.

Time for checking the angles again.

Now make the hinge area like the other tongs, this time marking the first point 10cm after the “elbow”. Bend, flatten, drill, put the bolt, fix any important imperfections keeping the tongs in a vice, everything like last time, and your tongs are ready!

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