FREE strategic war game, files in the bottom of this page!

Burning Planets is a strategic war game with a space colonization setting, where the players fight using fleets of spaceships to get control of planets and, in the end, become the final conquerors of a planetary system. Choose among three races that fight for the right to rule: the good old Humans, the machine blended Digitals or the bioengineers Xenos.
Collect resources, fill your planets with production facilities and defenses, prepare your fleet for the inevitable war that will engulf the void between the planets!
Make pacts, alliances among players to conquer the system together, or secretly weave your treachery below your reassuring words…
Bait others to planets that are unworthy to you, confuse and distract your enemies with strange attacks while you prepare mischievous strategies, or burn the planets down, leave a trail of destruction to starve your enemies, leaving nothing for them to get from their hard-won planets… Put the galaxy on fire, let the planets burn!

Burning Planets is a one person project created entirely by myself, and it’s completely, absolutely FREE, and it’s absolutely forbidden to anyone to sell it or make money in any way with it. At the time I’m writing this I have already prepared all the models to make it as a real plastic set, but since I don’t know how much success it will have, I haven’t started producing it yet. Anyway, the game will always be free, the plastic sets are just a physical upgrade to the game, they don’t change it.

Now, enough talking, let’s download, print and play!

To play you will need:
1 – The Rulebook
2– The money
3 – The shared items
4 – The table grid
5 – The planets
6 – The army
7 – A set of dice, 1 for each kind: d4, d6, d8, d12, d20

The downloadable files can be found just below, under numbered big titles to sort them, or you can download everything as a whole right here.

Whole game

HERE IS the step by step building manual with pictures.

There are two ways to prepare the set: just plain paper, or backed with a heavy material, to make it stable and more comfortable.
The building manual describes how to make the backed set, but the choice of paper and the amounts of things to print are the same

Below are some example pictures to give you an idea of how the game looks!

1 – Rulebook

Russian ~ правила
Italiano ~ Regolamento
English ~ Rulebook

If you have a printer that can print both sides, but are unsure of the settings, here are files ready to print on A4 sheets, you just have to activate double sided printing with flipping on the short side:

Russian ~ правила – Готово к печати
Italiano ~ Regolamento – Pronto stampa
English ~ Rulebook – Print ready

2, 3, 4 – Money, Shared items, Table grid

Shared items

For the table grid you have three options: plain white, gray, color. The less ink consuming is obviously the plain version, but the gray version still doesn’t consume too much ink and it gives a more interesting background. The color version is EXTREMELY ink consuming, plus you MUST print it on thick paper, or your tiles will become all wavy and unusable because of the high amount of ink, that is more than enough to ruin standard printing paper. It’s clearly much cooler to have colored tiles. Beware: in case you don’t notice it in time, the tiles are gathered in one pdf for practicality, it doesn’t make sense to print over and over the whole file, just choose the tiles you prefer and print them in the amount you need.

Table grid ~ Color
Table grid ~ Grayscale
Table grid ~ Plain white

5 – Planets

There are 3 sets of planets, divided by owning race, but really choose the set you prefer, it’s just an aesthetic difference. Since you can choose different tiles, there are planets with matched backgrounds too.

Xenos’ planets ~ White background
Digitals’ planets ~ White background
Humans’ planets ~ White background
Xenos’ planets ~ Black background
Digitals’ planets ~ Black background
Humans’ planets ~ Black background

6 – Army

You can choose your race, and for each race there are 5 different faction colors. Faction colors are different from one race to the other, so if three players choose each one a different race, but all choose the same color, the blue set for example, each one will have a different blue, so it will still be fast and obvious to recognize stuff, without needing to stop looking at the images all the time.


Humans – Yellow
Humans – Purple
Humans – Green
Humans – Blue
Humans – Red


Digitals – Yellow
Digitals – Purple
Digitals – Green
Digitals – Blue
Digitals – Red


Xenos – Yellow
Xenos – Purple
Xenos – Green
Xenos – Blue
Xenos – Red