I’ve been busy, building a shed!

Lately I haven’t had much time to work on my stuff, because we’re building a shed where we plan to move all the tools we have in the attic, that get all the space and make it difficult to work well.

The shed is 4,5×4,5m in size, so being that big we’ve tried to find a way to make it in the cheapest way we can, because it’s really a lot of materials!
We ended up finding old scaffolding boards, they’re pretty thick and sturdy, and way cheaper than any other material we could find suitable to build the structure. Right now the skeleton is almost done, we need to add some more stiffening on the sides, though it’s probably already enough, but sometimes here there is a very powerful wind, that have already ripped away the roof of an older shed, twisting like horseshoes the scaffolding steel pipes it was fixed to.

A good part of the work should be done by now, next thing to do is to close the roof and walls with purlins, put the cover on the roof, and make the fixtures!

We had to move the pile of logs to free the place for the shed, so around it there are branches, tools, and old wood we used to lift the logs from the ground, and we haven’t had yet the time for a real clean up, since we’re trying to finish the shed as fast as we can. Quite messy, I know!


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