Upgrade to Burning Planets’ free set

I’ve been suggested that Burning Planets shouldn’t have just plain white backgrounds, but instead environmental art. That’s absolutely, completely true, and indeed that was a planned feature for a physical set, if I will succeed in funding the physical version of the game.

The reason why I didn’t put drawn backgrounds in the free set is just for thriftiness, since the background tiles are large and would use vast amounts of ink. That said, it’s true too that it is a decision of the players if they want to go thrifty but plain or super fancy. For this reason I’ve uploaded 3 different sets of backgrounds: plain white, gray and color. The gray version has the same drawings of the color version, but with grayscale inverted colors, so the black of space is white and the stars are black, this way I’ve been able to make the tiles pretty cheap ink-wise, while much more interesting looking than just plain white. The color version will gobble up a lot of ink, and must be printed on thick paper for this reason, or the paper will swell because of the ink’s dampness and become wavy and unusable, but it’s super fancy!

I’ve prepared a slider to show you the background art, leaving the art high res in case you want to see it better (I used it as desktop background), with examples of game’s backgrounds too, both gray and color version, so you can get a better idea of the look.

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