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Style experiments

After the experience with 3D animation for Spacesheep, I decided to make a few tests with 2D animation, so I made a short series of animations where I experimented every day a different subject, with a different style I had never tried out before. This meant very short animations, since I had in one day …

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Spacesheep ~Episode 01 – The Kardashev scale

The second episode of Spacesheep is out! This time, thanks to the gained experience mostly, it’s come out better, there are no dead pauses in the animations, and since I’ve been able to animate much faster and smoother, it’s been possible to have the characters animated all the time continuously! Lately I’ve been experimenting quite …

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Spacesheep ~ The beginning

It all started as a commission for a cartoon series where astronomy was explained with sheeps. No further details, stylistic choices nor anything else was given. So, I had to make everything from scratch, and I started by finding a style for the sheeps! After sketching them, and drawing final models in a vector graphics …

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