Spacesheep ~Episode 00 – Service stations in space

Starting over this whole project as 3D in Blender took a while, because there were a LOT of things I had never done: for the ones that haven’t ever used it, using Blender is like walking blind in the minotaur’s maze, with endless rooms and cactii all over the place. Okay, I’m a bit dramatizing it, but really, not too much!

Anyway, it took quite some time to learn technical stuff, some was difficult for the lack of info I found, like the Non Linear Animation interface, that now is pretty clear and useful, but left me quite puzzled until I experimented with it a bit. But in the end I managed to do all the animation, and it came out pretty well!

Here you can see the final animation. Just remember that it’s a one-week-of-work animation, since the very low budget that doesn’t pay for any extra time needed, so in some parts it could get more animations… But I wouldn’t have been paid for extra days of work. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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