Development day 13 ~ Codename: Hellsand

Hello everyone, I’m here again in the thirteenth day of development of our sci-fi videogame, still without pictures to show, but with good news about the work!

I’ve worked a lot, programming the core mechanics, and today I officially finished coding everything I could already code without further planning, so there are almost all core mechanics, the only one missing is the fight mechanic, for the main reason that it will have a lot of features that are animation-based, and this means that I’ll need some placeholder animations to code this feature.

Next thing will be the first AIs, while I wait to get the final rig to make the placeholder animations (in Unreal Engine you can easily reimport the files, swapping the placeholders with the final ones without additional work), but before that I want to stop a few days for planning and concept design.

At this point we’ve talked a lot with Capestranus, so I’m sure enough about the way we’re going to give at least the codename for our project: Hellsand.

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