A new big project has started, a videogame!

This week it’s been very busy. The shed is almost done, we’re finishing the inside, then we’ll paint a second coat outside, but nothing interesting to see until the end I guess. Then it comes the Epic Swords project, but I haven’t been able to work on it this week, because between the time spent on the shed and the one spent of the new project no more time remained.

The new project I started, and to be precise it started the wednesday 17, after a long talk I had the day before with my friend Capestranus (aka Marco), that is a professional 3D modeler, we decided to finally start a project together, and a pretty big project too, because we decided to make a videogame together! So I’ve been busy programming, since I’m building the skeleton of the game.

Right now it’s clearly too soon to give any real info about the project, since it’s just in its 6th day of develpment, and as anyone that knows something about game development knows, the project is likely to get some really big changes during the long and arduous process needed to plan and develop it. The only thing that I believe is unlikely to change at all is that it will have a sci-fi setting! Apart from that, I would be a fool to give more details, because they may not end up to be true in the future.

It’s so bad that I haven’t been able to give more meaningful info in this post, but hey I didn’t want to leave the blog sitting there taking dust, I want to keep it always up to date with my work, that’s the sense of a creative blog, or at least I think so!

I hope I’ll be able to publish something more soon, right now the game is obviously all placeholders, looks so bad, but maybe I’ll be able to work on some concept art that I can show soon, since the core mechanincs aren’t too many, more will be added only after more planning and story development, but I’ve already created most of the ones already planned, so in a few days they’ll be finished and I’ll start working on the first AIs.

A nice new project, and a lot of work ahead!

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