Burning Planets: testing the 3D printable files!

A while ago I decided to remake Burning Planets’ counters as virtual models for 3D printing, and after making them, I sent them to my dear friend Capestranus to print. Yesterday he brought me the prototype print, and I’m super happy how it turned out!

The new models are a bit bigger than the ones I had hand sculpted, this makes them more comfortable to handle, and makes printing of small details easier on printers with lower precision, without affecting general dimensions of the game.

After this successful (on the first try!) print, I asked him to print a whole set, so, based on the final volumes, I will model a comfortable box to carry the game! However it will take a while, since there are various files to print, and we’re both pretty busy at the moment with our videogame.

Stay tuned for more updates, when everything will be tested I will make the 3D printable set available!

We somehow lost the Hammer spaceship in transit… Anyway it looked as good as the others!

All the counters are obviously without need for supports, to avoid an unreasonable amount of cleanup on tiny pieces. The barrells of the tower blend with a taper with the wall under them, thus making the supports completely unnecessary.

You can clearly see the difference in size from the old to the new counters.

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